We offer a suite of services for home and commercial builders. New construction or remodeling is one of the most substantial and significant real estate investments you can make during your lifetime. From the initial onsite visit to the final walk-through, we will be with you every step of the way, offering high-quality service you can trust.

Roofing & Storm Restoration

Hail, high winds, storms, tornadoes, freezing conditions… These and other weather-related issues can damage your property’s roof or structure. Sometimes, damage may not be noticed right away but could show up later. That’s why it’s important to have your property inspected after a major storm. Even if you don’t visibly notice any property damage, contact us so we can provide a comprehensive inspection and begin the restoration process if an issue is found. We are happy to help you with the insurance process, too, and can provide emergency board-up service, fencing, and property shrink-wrap.

Water Restoration

A pipe breaks. A toilet or sink overflows. An appliance malfunctions. Whenever water is involved, time is critical. Water damage can affect floors, furniture, walls, and other parts of your property in an immediate and visible way. Furthermore, if left untreated, fungi, mildew, and molds may grow, causing issues down the line. For our water restoration service, we locate the source of the issue, stop the water from flowing, and extract it. After your structure is fully dry, we assess the situation, and begin a full restoration to return your property to its former condition.

Fire Restoration

Fire and smoke damage to a property is a difficult experience for any family or business. To help restore your property to its previous condition, we use advanced fire and smoke management techniques and tools. Our process includes mitigating damage and beginning cleanup as soon as possible. We will evaluate your property for structural damage caused by fire, smoke, and extinguishing efforts. We also offer deodorization, demolition, emergency board-up, and soot removal, in addition to complete restoration.


Whether you want to redo the kitchen, add a bedroom, or transform your living area, remodeling can be an exciting experience. Remodeling gives you the chance to change your property’s aesthetic, functionality, and space. Before beginning any remodeling project, a solid plan is needed to keep the project within its budget and timelines. And if the remodel needs city permits, we are happy to work with you through the sometimes-complicated process. Let us know your goals, and we can begin creating the property of your dreams.


When it’s time to add more space to your property, we are here to help. We’ll meet you for an onsite visit to learn more about your goals and inspect your property, so we can provide the best advice and plan for any addition. When you’re ready to expand your property’s footprint, give us a call. We look forward to meeting your construction needs.

New Construction

No two projects are alike, which is one reason an experienced contracting team like ours can help you through the process of a new construction. When it comes to successful new builds, consistent communication is key. We will work closely with you to ensure we’re staying within your budget and that you’re getting exactly what you want for your new property. We have years of experience working on projects from new homes to adding outdoor space to multi-family and commercial property projects. Let us help you build something new!

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JACS General Contracting offers years of experience and industry relationships to help bring any type of project to life or to restore your property to its previous condition if it has experienced damage. We work on all types of budgets, project types, and timelines. To begin working with our team, contact us at 800-344-1018. JACS proudly serves the DFW market.