Category: Commercial Contracting

Expanding On Your Commercial Property

It’s not uncommon to outgrow a commercial property as your business expands. You may develop a new need that requires more space, or you may see a way to add value by converting space within your property for a new function. You could seek out a new building or location for your business, but there… Read more »

What to Know Before Commercial Construction

A commercial construction project can be particularly daunting, even if you’ve got plenty of experience with home construction projects. Commercial spaces are often much larger than homes, and they’ll be used by a variety of people who need different things from the space. Before starting on a commercial construction project, you need to find a… Read more »

Why Does Your Workspace Matter?

Whether you’re designing a workspace for a team of hundreds, or a team of one, that space matters. Any space where you’ll be spending an extended amount of time needs to create a certain environment to achieve the desired effect. If you want a space to be collaborative, it should be open and full of… Read more »