Why Does Your Workspace Matter?

Why Does Your Workspace Matter?Whether you’re designing a workspace for a team of hundreds, or a team of one, that space matters. Any space where you’ll be spending an extended amount of time needs to create a certain environment to achieve the desired effect. If you want a space to be collaborative, it should be open and full of natural light. If you want a space to be focused, perhaps you’ll use a lot of soft lighting and individual work areas. You can create the desired effect within your workspace by collaborating with a contractor partner. These types of top-down choices can impact the entire function of your work environment. (more…)

Checklist for Contracting Projects

Checklist for Contracting ProjectsBefore you begin any big project, there are certain parameters that you should put in place to ensure that everything goes to plan. With construction and remodel jobs, there are so many moving parts, and wrangling them all becomes a tall order. That’s why you may consider working with a contractor partner. Your contractor can marshall the supplies and labor needed to complete your job in a concise timeline and on-budget. Before you reach out to a contractor partner, however, there are steps that you can take to make sure your project is a success. Here is a checklist to consider in advance of construction and remodeling projects. (more…)

What To Value In A Contractor

What To Value In A ContractorWhether you’re managing a commercial or residential property, you may need maintenance services from time to time. A repair job may turn into a redesign, or you may be building from the ground floor, up. In all of these cases, you’ll likely need the assistance of a trusted contractor partner. What should you look for in a contractor? If you ask around, you’re bound to find a friend or family member with a contractor horror story. You want to avoid that situation, but no contractor is going to tell you that they’re difficult to work with. Here’s what you can look for in a contractor partner before you start your project. (more…)