Schedule An Inspection For Storm Damage

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When a major storm hits your area and your home or commercial building sustains damage, you need a contractor. Even if the damage itself appears minor, there could be major structural issues you simply cannot see. Fortunately, the experts at JACS General Contacting LLC understands how to inspect and repair your residential home, as well as multi-family homes or commercial buildings!


Expanding On Your Commercial Property

Expanding On Your Commercial PropertyIt’s not uncommon to outgrow a commercial property as your business expands. You may develop a new need that requires more space, or you may see a way to add value by converting space within your property for a new function. You could seek out a new building or location for your business, but there are many drawbacks that come with this approach. What if you’re leaving behind crucial elements in a commercial space that you can’t find elsewhere? Retraining your clientele to move to a new location comes with added costs as well. Instead, you may consider expanding on your commercial property to meet your needs. (more…)

Has Your Property Suffered Damage?

Has Your Property Suffered Damage?There are all kinds of forces outside of your control that can damage your residential or commercial property. When something like storm or fire damage occurs, it can be incredibly deflating. In addition to being a functional space that you use on a daily basis, your property is also an asset. You hope that this asset will increase in value over time, so serious damage can feel like a serious setback. If your commercial or residential property has suffered severe damage, you can rebuild and repair. Finding a great contractor partner will make the entire process feel easier. (more…)

Adding Value To Your Own Home

Adding Value To Your Own HomeYou’ll often hear real estate agents say, “The best time to buy real estate was yesterday, and the second-best time to buy it is today.” That’s because real estate is seen as an asset that only appreciates over time. In many cases this is true. If you look at the value of homes over time, they tend to go up. However, that’s not to say that you can’t influence the degree to which your home appreciates. You can also be sure to avoid some common reasons for home depreciation, or less-than-ideal growth. Here’s how you can add value to your own home over time. (more…)

Building Material Choices Matter

Building Material Choices MatterIf you’re going to assemble an ice cream sundae for yourself, you’re probably going to be thoughtful about the ingredients you choose. Different ingredients may fit together better than others. At the end of the day, you want to make the most delicious sundae possible. When working on a construction project, you want to make the same kind of informed choices. Choosing different building materials will create different benefits for your project. The building material choices you or your contractor partner makes, matter. So stay informed about the impact of these choices. (more…)

What To Know Before Hiring a Contractor

What To Know Before Hiring a ContractorConstruction projects are complicated. That’s why, in many cases, you’ll want to hire a licensed contractor to help you with a remodel or renovation job. Sure, some home updates call for a simple DIY approach, but when you’re talking about removing walls or installing windows, you’ll want the help of a professional. A quality contractor can walk you through the entire process, from planning to the final product. Before you start the search for a contractor though, there are a few things you should know about the process and the experience of working with a contractor. (more…)

What to Know Before Commercial Construction

What to Know Before Commercial ConstructionA commercial construction project can be particularly daunting, even if you’ve got plenty of experience with home construction projects. Commercial spaces are often much larger than homes, and they’ll be used by a variety of people who need different things from the space. Before starting on a commercial construction project, you need to find a contractor that can help you through the process. No two projects are the same, so choose a contractor with experience to make the process easier. Here are some additional, helpful tips as you begin the process of commercial construction. (more…)

Options for Repairing a Damaged Home

Options for Repairing a Damaged HomeIf your home sustains damage from weather or an accident, it can be a dispiriting experience. Your home is an investment, and more importantly, it’s a place where you have emotional roots. You want to protect and preserve your home, but sometimes accidents or disasters happen. What can you do in the wake of suffering significant home damage? You need to know your options, so that you can determine the best, cost-effective approach. Here are some of the options you have, and the considerations you should make when repairing a damaged home. (more…)

Know Your Contractor’s Experience

Know Your Contractor’s ExperienceExperience matters in almost every field. It certainly does in the world of contract work. An experienced contractor has a work history that demonstrates consistency and reliability. Those qualities are important when it comes to choosing the ideal contracting partner for your job. A contractor’s experience and past projects can also tell you a lot about where their specialties lie. If you need a commercial contractor, you probably don’t want to choose someone who’s work history consists solely of kitchen remodels. Here are some things to look for in your contractor’s experience as you decide on a partner. (more…)

Before You Remodel Your Home, Start Here

Before You Remodel Your Home, Start HereA home remodel project presents an exciting opportunity to reimagine a space within your home. A remodel can add functionality, esthetic, and more space in general. While home remodels are exciting, they’re also a lot of work. If you don’t have a solid plan of attack, project timelines and costs can get away from you quickly. That’s why, before you remodel your home, you should start with a goal, and a solid plan. Know who you’re going to work with, and how long you expect the project to take. Here are some helpful checklist items to consider as you begin the exciting process of a home remodel. (more…)