Schedule An Inspection For Storm Damage

dfw storm damage

When a major storm hits your area and your home or commercial building sustains damage, you need a contractor. Even if the damage itself appears minor, there could be major structural issues you simply cannot see. Fortunately, the experts at JACS General Contacting LLC understands how to inspect and repair your residential home, as well as multi-family homes or commercial buildings!

Starting Your Inspection

Spring and summer weather in Texas often brings extremes, from severe thunderstorms to tornadoes, heavy rains, flash floods, and even hail. These extreme weather events, though common, could still lead to serious damage to your home. Some of the roof damage, or breakage to the windows and siding, could be obvious. However, some structural damage could remain unnoticed, until water leaks, weakened structure, and more develop. When your house is faced with major weather events, and surrounding houses display damage, you should consider giving us a call. Our team members are experienced in performing detailed inspections to uncover any issues that need repair, and start the restoration process right away. We also know how to navigate the confusing insurance process too!

Repairing Your House

After our inspection, we will provide a detailed report on the issues we uncover. If anything needs repair, we can start the process right away. In the meantime, our team will provide any necessary emergency boarding up services, fencing, or shrink wrap to protect your house until we can start the repair process. Again, we can also help with filing your claim with your home insurance company. Our team members have experience in repairing and restoring not only residential and multifamily houses, but commercial buildings as well. We’re ready to walk you through the entire process, and offer quality workmanship and dependable customer service. You’ve been through enough, let us help through the next steps, and make sure your house continues to provide a safe and stable home for your family!

Why JACS General Contracting?

We’ve been in this business since 2008, helping homeowners and management companies across the DFW area with our team our skilled and experienced craftsman and general contractors. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, licensed by state and local authorities, and maintaining general liability and works compensation coverage. We work with distributers to obtain the finest materials and products, and provide a five-year warranty. If you have any questions or concerns, or if your building is in need of repair, then contact us right away!


JACS General Contracting has been serving the DFW since 2008, and knows how to help address the damage and wear causes by storm damage. Learn more about the services JACS General Contracting, LLC, offers for residential, multi-family, and even commercial properties by contacting their DFW office at 800-344-1018.