Expanding On Your Commercial Property

Expanding On Your Commercial PropertyIt’s not uncommon to outgrow a commercial property as your business expands. You may develop a new need that requires more space, or you may see a way to add value by converting space within your property for a new function. You could seek out a new building or location for your business, but there are many drawbacks that come with this approach. What if you’re leaving behind crucial elements in a commercial space that you can’t find elsewhere? Retraining your clientele to move to a new location comes with added costs as well. Instead, you may consider expanding on your commercial property to meet your needs.

Commercial Expansion to Add Function for Your Business

Moving walls, creating more parking spaces, adding an addition to the side of your building — these are all common commercial construction projects that can add functionality to your current business operation. Before starting on a project like this, consider what the benefits will be to your business. Consider both hard and soft economic gains, so that you can weigh them against the costs when searching for project quotes. You should also analyze what it would cost to move your business, and what you would lose by not taking on the construction project.

Consider Project Timelines Along with Costs

As you’re creating an analysis of your potential construction project, you’ll want to consider time as a cost as well. You should know up front how a construction project will affect you and your team’s ability to work during construction. Then, you should figure out what a reasonable timeline for your project will be. If construction will cause part of your operation to shut down for 8 weeks during construction, that may be a significant cost that you need to account for when determining a project budget.

Find a Contractor That Knows Their Code

Of course, cost is a major consideration when taking on any sort of remodel or expansion project, but it’s often not the biggest hurdle. City codes, ordinances, and inspections will likely become your biggest stumbling block during the process. There is a certain amount of red tape that you will have to deal with as the business owner, but you can lessen the burden by working with a contractor who knows their codes. A strong contractor partner will help you anticipate potential issues that you may face during construction, and navigate the unforeseen issues that crop us as well.

Work with JACS General Contracting on Your Commercial Remodel or Expansion

Choosing a contractor partner with a variety of experiences will prepare you for anything on your project. JACS General Contracting has been serving the DFW since 2008, completing restoration projects, new construction, and remodels on living spaces, multi-family homes, and commercial properties. Strong communication leads to success on any project. Learn more about the commercial construction and remodeling services that JACS General Contracting offers by contacting their DFW office at 800-344-1018.