What to Know Before Commercial Construction

What to Know Before Commercial ConstructionA commercial construction project can be particularly daunting, even if you’ve got plenty of experience with home construction projects. Commercial spaces are often much larger than homes, and they’ll be used by a variety of people who need different things from the space. Before starting on a commercial construction project, you need to find a contractor that can help you through the process. No two projects are the same, so choose a contractor with experience to make the process easier. Here are some additional, helpful tips as you begin the process of commercial construction.

Be Communicative, and Find a Contractor Who Will Do the Same

Communication is key in any relationship. It’s of the utmost importance when it comes to a huge commercial construction project. You need to be able to communicate your needs and wants for the project. You should find a contractor partner who is communicative in kind. You want your contractor to be transparent with information throughout the process. You also want your contractor to be responsive and timely. No one likes feeling left out of the loop on a big project. You want to stay in the know throughout the process.

Ask Lots of Questions Before and During Commercial Construction

If this is your project, you want to be informed going into it. You should ask as many questions as you need to before the project begins, and throughout the duration of the project. Ask for clarification when it comes to the initial approval process. Ask follow up questions about design choices and functionality. Ask about sign off timelines from city officials and any budgetary questions you might have. Your contractor shouldn’t expect you to know everything about commercial construction, and they should be accommodating during the process.

Set a Schedule, But Prepare for Contingencies

Creating a comprehensive schedule and project timeline will help keep you on track and ensure that things go smoothly throughout the process. Set a target completion date at the outset of your project and communicate that with your contractor. Know what to expect when it comes to your project timeline, and plan for contingencies. The construction process relies on a little help from Mother Nature. Extreme temperatures and inclimate weather can alter or slow construction timelines, so it’s good to be prepared.

Begin Your Commercial Construction Project with JACS General Contracting

A reliable, communicative contractor partner makes any construction project much easier. JACS General Contracting has been providing quality contracting services to North Texas since 2008. Our long-standing relationships with quality craftspeople and vendors ensure that your completed project will be of the highest caliber. Learn more about the commercial contracting services at JACS General Contracting by contacting our team in North Texas at 800-344-1018.