Know Your Contractor’s Experience

Know Your Contractor’s ExperienceExperience matters in almost every field. It certainly does in the world of contract work. An experienced contractor has a work history that demonstrates consistency and reliability. Those qualities are important when it comes to choosing the ideal contracting partner for your job. A contractor’s experience and past projects can also tell you a lot about where their specialties lie. If you need a commercial contractor, you probably don’t want to choose someone who’s work history consists solely of kitchen remodels. Here are some things to look for in your contractor’s experience as you decide on a partner.

Does Your Contractor Have a Range of Experiences?

If you’ve got a highly specialized project that needs completing, you may lean on a highly specialized professional to get the job done. However, often in the world of contracting, you want to look for a team that has a range of experiences. Working on different projects, in different environments, at different scales demonstrates range. When your contractor has worked on a variety of sites with variable budgets and completion timelines, you can be sure that they’ve encountered whatever situation you’re about to throw at them.

How Long Has Your Contractor Been in the Industry?

Another measure of a contractor’s experience comes from their time in the industry. Contractors who can’t meet a budget and don’t stick to their word don’t tend to have a long shelf life in the industry. Examine your contractor’s work history and look for reviews from past clients. Longevity in the industry not only creates assurance for you, but it typically means that your contractor has developed positive relationships across each link in the contracting supply chain. That means better labor and materials.

What Sort of Outcomes Has Your Contractor Achieved?

Finally, you should also evaluate the outcomes that your contractor has achieved. Completing a project is not the same as getting the job done right. What projects has your contractor worked on previously, and how did they turn out? Looking through past work can also give you an idea of where your contractor’s strengths lie, and it may even give you inspiration for your project. By combining reviews of past clients, first-hand examinations of your contractor’s work, and a review of their work history, you can determine if a prospective contractor partner is right for your job.

JACS General Contracting Has a Variety of Work Experience

If you’re looking for a contractor partner that works across budgets, timelines, and project types, talk to JACS General Contracting. This team has the experience and industry relationships to bring any type of project together. JACS has completed commercial, residential, fire repair, and flood repair projects. To start working with the team at JACS, contact the office at 800-344-1018. JACS proudly serves the DFW market.