Before You Remodel Your Home, Start Here

Before You Remodel Your Home, Start HereA home remodel project presents an exciting opportunity to reimagine a space within your home. A remodel can add functionality, esthetic, and more space in general. While home remodels are exciting, they’re also a lot of work. If you don’t have a solid plan of attack, project timelines and costs can get away from you quickly. That’s why, before you remodel your home, you should start with a goal, and a solid plan. Know who you’re going to work with, and how long you expect the project to take. Here are some helpful checklist items to consider as you begin the exciting process of a home remodel.

Know Precisely What the Goal of Your Remodel Is

Before you start on any project of any scale, you should always know what your goal for the project is. This will help you determine the success of your project in the end. When it comes to a home remodel, goal setting is incredibly helpful for you, and the person or persons working on the project with you. What do you want from the remodel? Be specific when you can. “I want to create a more usable kitchen by adding counter space and opening up sight lines within the space.” That goal is specific, and it will help you target the right areas of the kitchen to achieve the desired results.

Set Concrete Budgets and Project Timelines

This is a huge part of setting yourself up for a successful project. Set concrete budgets and project timelines for your remodel. Know exactly what your budget is ahead of time, and create a contingency within that budget for anything that may come up. Starting with a smaller budget that has contingencies built into it will prevent you from over-extending yourself later. Setting your project timeline is helpful for the same reason. If you have a concrete timeline that you can communicate to others, it will keep everyone on track.

Know Who You’re Working with on the Project

If you’re installing a new cabinet in your kitchen, you may be a weekend warrior who can get the project done all on your own. Home remodels that involve changes to the structure of your home and permits from the city, however, are a little more complicated. You’re probably going to want to work with a professional contractor on your home remodel project. Finding a trusted contractor partner is key, because it allows you to feel comfortable throughout the process. For more on what you should look for in a contractor partner, you can check out this article.

JACS General Contracting Is Here to Help with Your Next Project

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