What To Value In A Contractor

What To Value In A ContractorWhether you’re managing a commercial or residential property, you may need maintenance services from time to time. A repair job may turn into a redesign, or you may be building from the ground floor, up. In all of these cases, you’ll likely need the assistance of a trusted contractor partner. What should you look for in a contractor? If you ask around, you’re bound to find a friend or family member with a contractor horror story. You want to avoid that situation, but no contractor is going to tell you that they’re difficult to work with. Here’s what you can look for in a contractor partner before you start your project.

Look for an Established, Experienced Contractor

One mark of quality is the ability to stand the test of time. Look for contractors with experience and a history of work. Feel free to ask a prospective contractor partner for references or previous clients with whom they’ve worked. A track record of quality work is a good sign. Searching for reviews online can be helpful as well, but it’s always best to check against those reviews with past work examples and first-hand testimonies that you can verify. An experienced contractor will have completed many different types of jobs, so they’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes up during yours.

Ask About Accreditations and Insurance

Is your contractor insured? You may never have asked yourself this question before. Keeping up with insurance, licensing, and accreditations is another sign of a good contractor partner. The accreditations or licenses themselves may not mean much to you if you’re not involved in the contracting world, but keeping up with these business practices is a sign that your prospective contractor’s house is in order, so to speak. Plus, this is an easy step to take, and your contractor should be able to follow up easily as well.

Responsiveness and Communicativeness Are Key

When you have a partner — whether in business or in life — communication is key! You want a partner who can communicate openly and frankly with you. Your contractor should be able to do the same. “Transparency” can be a buzzword in any business, but it is truly invaluable when it comes to your contractor partner. Your contractor should be responsive and timely with communication to ensure that you’re kept in the loop throughout any project. A great relationship with your contractor partner will make your life easier.

JACS General Contracting Services Provides Quality Work and Excellent Service

JACS has over 12 years in the contracting business. This history comes with a track record of quality work, as well as great relationships with distributors in the industry. That means your job will be completed with high quality products, by craftspeople who value the work they do. The JACS team can complete projects ranging from residential to commercial spaces. To learn more about the quality services at JACS, contact our team at 800-344-1018. We’re proud to service the DFW area.